Novamontís Living chemistry project was set up with the aim of integrating chemistry and agriculture with respect for the environment: Earthsoul® Agro is based on renewable agricultural products and finds one of its most meaningful applications in the field of agriculture. Earthsoul® Agro mulch film has been tested for some years in Japan and is recommended for vegetable cultivations requiring two to three months of mulching. It has demonstrated similar performance as polyethylene film, with two significant advantages:

  • it does not need to be removed from the crops;
  • it biodegrades on the soil without harmful effects
  Earthsoul® Agro has been tested by The ICAR (Indian Council for Agricultural Research) and The IARI (Indian Agricultural Research Institute for Compostibility).
Other important Earthsoul® Agro applications for agriculture are nursery pots, ropes and twines: they are completely biodegradable on the ground, eliminating harmful side-effects while saving on waste disposal costs.