Bio-Degradibility and Compastability  
  The biodegradability of Earthsoul® products has been measured according to standard test methods approved by International Organizations (ISO, CEN, ASTM, DIN, UNI). The Standard Test Methods for determining Aerobic Degradation of plastic Materials under Controlled Composting Conditions and Municipal Sewage (Sturm Test) are based on the measurement of CO2 produced during the degradation of the test material.

  The biodegradation percentage is the ratio of the CO2 produced by the test material compared to the total theoretical amount. Earthsoul® materials biodegrade at a rate similar to pure cellulose.  

standard Test

  Aerobic BioDegradation Under Controlled Composting Conditions  
  Aerobic BioDegradation Test in an Aqueous Medium  
  High Solid Anaerobic Digestion Test  
  Weight Loss Test Under Composting Condition  
  Composting Behaviour of Earthsoul Bag  


  The compostability of some products manufactured with Earthsoul® is certified by the "Ok Compost" and "Din Certco" labels.