Transform your city's trash into something good for the Earth.


  Earthsoul®-Bag is ideal for compost. During the biodegradation process the bag in itself enhances the biodegradation of the waste it contains. During the natural compost process micro-organisms attack and degrade the bag and the organic waste included in it at the same time. This makes it possible to transform a large part of our daily organic waste in high quality compost useful for plant growth. Organic waste and Mater Bag go back to the biomass at the same rhythm.

No more plastic bags polluting the Earth for several hundred years!

  What is the Compost Process?
  The compost process is the aerobic decomposition, through micro-organisms, of organic waste in a controlled setting. These micro-organisms are bacterium, yeast and fungi. This process transforms complex organic substances in carbon anhydride, water and humus (compost). The elevated temperatures that develop during the compost process guarantee the elimination of pathogens micro-organisms. Composting is nature's own recycling program!

  The Benefits of Compost to the Soil
  Compost enriches the porosity and density of the soil, increasing the possibility for water to reach plants, reducing erosion and compacting. In addition, it helps the flow of vital nutrients to plants and controls and reduces pathogens. It can also be utilized as an alternative to fertilizer, substituting peat in both quality and price.

  The Economic Advantages of the Compost Process
  The cost of a composting plant is substantially less than the cost of an incinerator or even a landfill. The compost produced by composting plants can be sold, including the Earthsoul®-Bag, which leaves no plastic residuals or polluting chemicals.  

  ("Earthsoul®-Bag ", is a registered trademark of Earthsoul India.)