INITIAL experiments were conducted by Novamont a UK based company and the leader in biodegradable materials in a search for methods that may speed up the process of composting degradable bags. Between June and December 15, 2000, Earthsoul® products, a Mumbai based (manufacturer of "Earthsoul® bags" made with Novamont's Earthsoul® film) company, and their client "The Orchid Hotel" conducted the trials on the bags in a vermicomposting farm in their waste management facility, placing several Earthsoul® bags into a box containing 10,000 Japanese Tiger worms. Bags were observed every three days and, by the end of 15 days, no trace of them reportedly could be found in the worm box.

"Based on results of other composting experiments without the presence of worms, the biodegradation time varies from 20 to 35 days depending on weather conditions, humidity, heat and so on," says Bilimoria, CEO of Earthsoul® products (now Earthsoul® India Pvt. Ltd.). "This test with worms seems to indicate that the bags biodegrade completely in 20 to 22 days. Earthsoul® bags appear to act as a 'sweetener' that enhances worm productivity."

Earthsoul® is conducting additional tests with various city councils using a combination of red manure worms and Japanese Tiger worms.