Earthsoul® products saves energy, helps to reduce the greenhouse effect and becomes fertile humus for the soil.  We are committed to innovation and reliability as we continue to develop cutting edge ideas to serve the changing marketplace.  Earthsoul® provides domestic and international leadership in biodegradable packaging to the food and beverage industries.

India's First And Only
Internationally Certified Company
  Through our network of relationships with manufacturers, distributors, shippers, logistics experts and others, we are involved in all levels of the provision of sustainable packaging.
Committed to finding new, innovative waste management systems, we work to help nature by helping our customers.

 Earthsoul is India's exclusive manufacturer licensees for Novamont.
 Characteristic and Environmental Benefits
  Mater-Bi® is the result of 'The Living Chemistry', an innovative project developed by Novamont S.P.A.
Mater-Bi® products are a new generation of bioplastics materials derived mainly from natural renewable resources.  Minimizing environmental impact it maintains the same characteristics of plastics but is completely biodegradable within a composting cycle.
Mainly derived from corn, wheat and potato starch, Mater-Bi® products are thermoplastic materials which are processed with the same machines traditionally used to process conventional plastics. Earthsoul® products physical and chemical properties are similar to those of traditional plastics, but it is completely biodegradable in different environments, just like pure cellulose, as they are manufactured using Mater-Bi®.

Biodegradability and atoxicity of Earthsoul® have been measured by Organic Waste System (Belgium), VTT (Finland), Catholic University of Piacenza (Italy), Marxer Institute of Biomedical Research (Ivrea, Italy), Weimar University (Germany) and Novamont laboratories.

  Production Plant
The production plant of Mater-Bi® is located in Novara, Italy.  The current production capacity of Novamont is 20,000 ton/year.  A well equipped quality control laboratory guarantees the reliability of Mater-Bi® production.

The Society of BioChar Initiatives, India's first registered Geo-Engineering Initiative to sequester Carbon from waste Biomass.