It is biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.
It can be used like conventional plastic materials.
It can be colored with biodegradable Master Batches and with natural pigments.
It can be heat laminated to paper, cardboard, cotton and other natural fibers.
It is intrinsically antistatic.
It can be glued with solvents and water-based adhesives.
It can be sterilized by gamma rays.
Several Mater-Bi® grades comply with the American FDA and EU regulations for food contact.
    Compostability of some products manufactured by Earthsoul®
is certified by the and labels.
Wet Waste Compost Bag   Plant Seed Bag   Cling Wrap
Food Wrapper   Fruit Tray   Plant Sapling Pots
Commercial Bin Liner   Cutlery   Nursery Plant Plots
Cling Wrap Film   Dry Leaf Collection Bag

Technical Support

Novamont technical support helps customers throughout the development of Earthsoul applications in order to fully exploit all the characteristics of the material:
Identification of the most suitable Earthsoul® grade.
Design of the application.
Definition of the best processing conditions.

  Packaging and Distribution
The standard packages for Mater-Bi® resins are an octabin of approximately 700 kg. The packages ensure integrity and shelf life and guarantee proper moisture content of pellets. Mater-Bi® pellets are ready for use right from the bag. No drying of the pellets prior to processing is required and care should be taken to close the opened bags after use.
Technical bulletins and safety data sheets of each Mater-Bi® grade are available.