One of the main applications of Earthsoul® is the Earthsoul® bags and liners for the collection and composting of food and yard waste. Earthsoul® Bag is produced on traditional polyethylene equipment with minor modifications. Quality of the product is guaranteed by the Novamont quality mark. Several million people throughout India & Europe use Earthsoul® Bags every day for collection of their organic waste.

Earthsoul is the bioplastic derived from natural raw materials: corn starch   An agricultural product, maise starch, is transformed into an ideal bag for collection of organic waste.   Due to their natural origin and biodegradability characteristics, Mater-Bi bags can be converted into high-quality compost.
Thanks to Earthsoul, it is possible to collect and dispose our organic waste.   The Earthsoul bio bags are water resistant, biodegradable in the ground without pollution, and transparent to facilitate controlling of their content.   The Earthsoul bio bags are used by citizens and communities for the collection of organic waste. After composting, they are transformed into fertile humus for agriculture.